Monday, January 20, 2014

Project Life: Revisited

So, I started Project Life last year. I completed 26 weeks (shared up to week 22) and then we adopted a baby :) I fell off the wagon.  You can read all about why I started PL then HERE and see all my pages that I posted HERE.


Where do I stand now? I'm back on the wagon. But, I'm 6 months behind. Ugh :(  I try not to be defeated when I look at the the first 6 months:
  • I love looking at my Project Life album and seeing what our daily life was like BEFORE we had a baby.
  • I love that I have steadily collected product and found my Project Life style BEFORE experimenting with baby pictures/pages.
  • I love that I have half of 2013 documented and in chronological order.
  • I love that I discovered even though I did not use hardly any dimensional embellishments, a whole year will NOT fit in one album; but half nicely.
  • I love that our daughter was born exactly HALFWAY through the year and can separate my album at a great point.

Which brings me to today's post. While everyone has been sharing their fabulous 2014 cover pages, I created my 2013 Volume 2 page :)

What I decided:

I am going to keep going; little by little documenting this sweet girl's everyday moments. Week 27: coming in next post.
  • I'm NOT going to stress about hurrying up and catching up. After all, in the grand scheme of things I'm "only" 6 months behind.
  • The important thing is taking pics and writing down all the firsts. She certainly is growing up so fast!
  • Even though I love the chronological aspect of PL, I may jump around and do my 2014 cover page and first weeks of January while they are fresh in mind.
  • Keep organized; so when I have a few minutes I can make the most of my ME time in my scraproom.. not searching for that thing I know have :)
  • I will make time for myself because I love this hobby! 
Living My Life For Me Once I Hit My 30s: Love For 30 Project

I see a lot more people joining PL in 2014. Are you? Link your blog so I can check it out.  Stay tuned for my crazy life.. both 6 months ago and today :)



Danni said...

What a wonderful way to continue the Project Life! Love this sweet cover page!

TeenaBugg38 said...

first let me say Awwwwwwww! Your little one is absolutely precious! You make an excellent point in this post that I think we all struggle with as scrappers. We stress so much over getting an album completed or things in proper order that the hobby can seem more like work. its OK to do things out of order if we feel like it. we create new memories every single day, there is no way we will EVER catch up! The way I see it, when I have "caught everything up" it means I have stopped living life to it's fullest. Enjoy that sweet baby and her milestones :)

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