Sunday, July 19, 2009

Scrapbook Etc. July 09 [part 1]

My husband picked up this magazine for me last weekend. I wanted to spend the weekend scrapping, but being homeowners you know to expect the unexpected. So we ended up at our home away from home ~ Lowes! Which is conveniently located next to a JoAnn Fabrics. After expressing my scrappers block, he suggested this magazine because one of the cover stories read "wedding pictures".

I typically am a Creating Keepsakes girl. But, I loved the layout on the cover and the other topics seemed to fit my style too so I picked it up. What a pleasant surprise! I thought this issue was packed with ideas and inspiration. It is 7 days later and I am only half way through. I like to pour over each page, sketch out layouts that I think of while reading and also visit sites that they suggest and of course look up new product that is featured.

What I've "Post it noted" so far:

1. This featured color combo ~ brown, blue, green and white

2. These super cute fabric tags and albums

3. Hilarious t-shirts at

The picture will not load, but my favorite reads "Runs with scissors" :) Appropriate because I teach the opposite in my classroom.

4. Advertisement for Basic Grey's Lemonade - YUMM-O!

5. Pinwheels on summer pages (they used Bo Bunny's new Calypso collection)

6. Felties by Sassafras

... more coming soon !

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