Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Amy's Mission

Amy over at is on a mission to promote our craft. As you know, in this economy several magazines and companies have had to fold their cards. As Amy writes, it's up to us to show what we've got. That the work we do in our scrapbooks, photographing our lives, perserving our stories, displaying our art - is important!

To help spread the word about her cause, she is spotlighting scrapbookers on her blog and giving away awesome incentives to do so. What a great way to build your resume, toot your own horn, or nominate a deserving friend. Thanks Mel for recommending Amy's blog!


Mel said...

And thank YOU for helping get the word out! : )


Amy Coon said...

Hi Suzy
this is Amy
thank you from the bottom of my heart for promoting this little idea of mine! I love your fall pencil adorable. will have a blinky soon so be sure to come by and pick that up!

thanks again

Amy Coon

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