Sunday, August 2, 2009


You know how when you go "window shopping" and don't have money to spend ~ you find all those super cute things you HAVE to have. But, when you have the money and go shopping ~ nada! You can't find a single thing that's worth buying.

That's how I feel today, a lazy Sunday at home with my boy. All the time in the world to scrap ~ and I'm just shifting things around on my desk. But you know when I am at school tomorrow, I'm going to have all kinds of creative ideas bouncing around! That's how it goes right?

So I leave you with *incredible* blog candy to help boost your creativity today. I know it helped me! Thanks Arlene for the chance to win! She has the most beautiful mini-albums. Just what I need to get inspired on my sketch layouts I wanted to finish today. 1 1/2 down and 1 1/2 to go! :)

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Mel said...

This happens to me, too. I sit and browse through the latest CK and see all these gorgeous things to try. Then, when I have time to sit at the table and scrap, my inspiration well is dry. Glad you were able to get some layout and card goodness accomplished. Go, girl!

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