Saturday, March 23, 2013

Project Life: Week Five

Project Life.. Week 5!

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I loved mixing alphas and stickers for this week's title card:

A cold winter, with a morning power outage. Our puppy loves any excuse to turn on the stove! Luckily, it wasn't out too long..

The quotes are Pebble's phrase cards. Love this one. Also included a facebook screen shot to include my hobby.

Ah, the day my husband lost his wedding ring! LUCKILY he found it.. talk about needle in a haystack.. but it was in the gravel driveway of a friends house where he was helping chop and load wood for the aforementioned cold winter. It has slipped right off when his hands were so cold. This polariod is from Studio Calico.

A school milestone.. 100 days! This is a huge banner that stretched across the hallway. The kids got to jump through the "o". It lasted about 2 hours haha! But so fun..

These 6x12 inserts are fun to add a more "scrapbooked" card.. this one holds all the pics of the projects that were completed that weekend.

Super bowl Sunday!! I tried stamping directly on the photo (which I had done before).. but the finish must have been different on this one and it got smeary. I left it :)

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you are enjoying your Saturday.


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April said...

This looks awesome girl! SO glad Dave found his ring, ack! ;)

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