Friday, November 13, 2009

Album Cover

I finished the cover for my December Daily album! This is the background post on my album so far. I used a poinsettia fake flower from the Dollar Tree and took off 2 of the petals. Normally, I pop them off the stem because it won't lay flat in a regular album. But, this is my first mini so I can go all out 3D right? ;)

The center of the flower has gold glitter on the tips, which inspired me to freehand these glittered swirls in gold! I really like how that turned out.

Then, I justed added a strip of patterned paper and a chipboard title. I might add a little something along the bottom or above the title on the right side. But I haven't decided yet, any thoughts? ;)


Perfectly Precocious said...

I love it! If it were mine, I might add pretty ribbon at the bottom of the patterned paper strip. And since you're going for a more 3D look, I would use a ruffled ribbon, or make it pleated. Just a thought. Love your glitter swirls - they did turn out great!

April said...

It's beautiful Suzanne! You picked great papers. :)

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