Monday, November 23, 2009

Fun Has U Right in the Middle Of It

I just love that line from Cosmo Cricket's "Cogsmo" collection!! This pack is so fun, it might just be my favorite because it is not something I'd normally be drawn to. I bought it thinking I would use the gears and stuff for some of Dave's "technie" pages.

But I knew they would be perfect for pictures of Dave and my cousin's little boy Gabe. They wer rough-housing after the Halloween party a few weeks ago. Journaling on this little robot cut-out was a last minute decision and it is my favorite part of the layout [besides the picture of course!]. It explains my "2-1-Dave" title, too.

Here is the second page, with a few action shots. The reason Gabe's pants are cut up is he was a pirate for Halloween and it was part of his costume!

And a together shot....

Thanks for looking !!

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