Sunday, December 13, 2009

December Daily - Days 10 and 11

How great it feels to be scrappin' again after taking a week "off". So much going on here with school and the holidays and other committments. But I'm so glad I made a list each day of what I wanted to do for this album, or else I think I would of held of till next year. Grab a cup of hot chocolate because this is going to be a LONG post of days 1-11 that I scrapped last night and this morning. I broke it up into 2 days each to be more managable. I would love to hear your comments. This is my first big mini album :)

You can catch up with what I've been doing on my December Daily posts here.

Going in reverse order, yesterday was all about babies. I had a baby shower in the morning, did some Christmas shopping, and then stopped by to visit my cousin's new little girl. Such a fun day!

Friday night, Dave went to the store and picked up groceries on the way home. We are helping each other be healthy in the new year. I had to laugh when he said he got "his and her" salad stuff because we have very very different tastes. He loves the dark greens and veggies and dressing etc. And I love the lighter greens, olives, bacon, and no dressing LOL.

This is on one of the bag end flaps, so I am experimenting with halving my pictures to make it work. No journaling on this page, just a fun picture of our salad ingredients.

Keep reading, lots more posts below :)

1 comment:

Mel said...

I am totally loving your album, Suzy! The variety and the things you're choosing to record. I'm very impressed. Great job. I can't believe this is your first mini project.

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